Comité Timón y Grupos de Trabajo

          Steering Committee

Dr. Geissa R. Torres- Chair/ ALO

– Co-chair

Dr. Gualberto Rosado

Dr. David Reyes

Prof. Lizette Rosa

Dr. José C. Colón

                       Working Groups

Standard I: Mission and Goals
Dr. Gualberto Rosado, Biology Department (Coordinator)
Dr. Dalynés Reyes, Biology Department
Prof. Eneilis Mulero, Biology Department
Ms. Yesiannette Chacón, Student, Biology Department
Mr. Jesús J. Montero, Student, Biology Department

Standard II: Ethics and Integrity
Dr. David Reyes, Nursing Department (Coordinator)
Ms. Elda Maldonado, Insurance Officer, Liaison Officer-Office of the Comptroller
Mrs. Niurka Cardona, Student Ombudsperson
Prof. Sonia Roselló, Nursing Department
Ms. Iris Reyes, Purchasing Office
Ms. Rebeca González, Student, Nursing Department

Standard III: Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience
Dr. Wanda Delgado, Distance Education Program Coordinator
Dr. Gabriel Alemán, Social Sciences Department
Prof. Víctor Maldonado, Library Director
Dr. Elizabeth Cortés, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dr. Karen Morales, Center for Professional Development of Faculty Coordinator
Ms. Jesibel Vega, Deanship for Academic Affairs
Ms. Andrea Bruno, Student, Information Technology Management and Administrative Processes

Standard IV: Support of the Student Experience
Dr. José C. Colón, Dean for Student Affairs (Coordinator)
Prof. Magaly Méndez, Admissions Office
Ms. Daliana Fresse, Financial Aid Office
Prof. Lisa M Martínez, Educational Services Program
Prof. Ileana Harrison, Institutional Tutoring Program
Dr. Brenda Laboy, Education Department
Ms. Betzaelis Olivencia, Student, Education Department

Standard V: Education Effectiveness Assessment
Prof. Lizette Rosa, English Department (Coordinator)
Dr. Ileana Feliciano, Physics Chemistry Department
Dr. Ana Delgado, Education Department
Dr. Aneydis Rodríguez, Institutional Assessment Coordinator
Ms. Yaritza Cruz, Accounts Payable Office
Ms. Elizabeth Rivera, Financial Aid Office
Dr. Monique Guidicelli, English Department
Ms. Kelly-Anais Torres, Student, Biology Department

Standard VI: Planning, Resources, and Institutional Improvement
Dr. Geissa R. Torres, Office of Planning and Institutional Research Director (Coordinator)
Dr. Soriel Santiago, Office of Planning and Institutional Research
Dr. Waskaleska Mercado, Business Administration Department
Ms. Sonia Vélez, Budget Office
Mr. Jesús Valderrama, Finance Office
Ms. Natalia González, Student, Business Administration

Standard VII: Governance, Leadership, and Administration
Prof. Merylin Martínez, Education Department
, Social Sciences Department
Prof. Sonia Reyes, Biology Department
Ms. Liza Ramos, Academic Senate
Ms. Jhoanne Rivera, Administrative Board
Ms. Brianna C. Vélez, Student, Education Department